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Chairman &
Representative Director

福田 勝之
Katsuyuki Fukuda


President &
Representative Director

太田 豊彦
Toyohiko Ota




To our investors,

We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our investors for your constant support.
In the construction industry there is a growing feeling that public investment, which showed increases in the quarter from April to June, has reached a plateau and will level off from this point onward.
Concerning private capital investment, while construction planning has been slowed by the rise of certain construction costs and decline in individual consumption, on the whole we sense that there is an appetite for investment thanks to the recovery in indicators such as corporate performance. As such, we believe that both manufacturing and non-manufacturing will show moderate recovery. On the other hand, the lack of manpower has become a chronic issue which continues to hamper business operations.

This company, which is the core business in our group of companies, is steadily working to achieve “more stable and moderate growth” by implementing our ”Medium-Term Management Plan” which focuses on increased sales capabilities and higher profitability.
 We are specifically working on building our capacity for dealing with the changing ordering system for public works projects, developing technology-centered markets, expanding our customer base by identifying and acquiring new and potential customers, and improving profitability while avoiding low-margin orders by boosting our organizational strength.
 Additionally, we intend to do our best to appeal to each and every one of our stakeholders and improve our company value by working earnestly on measures to enhance collaboration with group companies, improve our balance sheet standing, develop human resources, and provide thorough safety guidance.

 We humbly request the continued support and encouragement of all our shareholders.