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Fukuda Corporation is engaged in the development of cutting-edge construction methods and technologies that are ahead of its time. The objective is to build a more efficient and economic society with a small ecological footprint, and pass our invaluable global environmental down to future generations. In particular, we work to lighten environmental loads by establishing a system that allows us to monitor all of our business activities down to the smallest detail. Its scope goes beyond construction sites and now extends to our offices. What is more, after calculating our CO2 emissions and garbage and waste output, we combine rigorous recycling to create a green business model with little environmental loss.
Fukuda Corporation naturally complies with rules, regulations and social norms. We make corporate governance a top managerial issue and implement fair and sound management. We are acutely aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and compliance. We strive to provide complete satisfaction to all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, valued partners, regional communities and employees.
Going forward, we will reinforce Group management, strengthen the relationship of trust with society, and proactively engage in the enhancement of corporate social development and transparency. At the same time, we will carry out solid decision-making and secure the efficient execution of operations, and further enhance corporate governance with our valid oversight and auditing functions.

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